How To Check Your Ranking On Google

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Rankings matter in Google search results. After all, the first page earns more than 70% of all clicks. How vì you find your search ranking on Google, though?

With one of the best Google rank checker tools, you can make Google position checks fast, simple, & accurate. That’s why we’ve compiled a danh mục of Google từ khoá ranking tools, from Google Search Console to SEMrush, for you.

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Keep reading to discover a top tool for monitoring your ranking position on tìm kiếm engines like Google. Or, learn how lớn get loved by Google with our miễn phí SEO audit tool — just enter your URL khổng lồ start!

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Table of Contents

1. Google Search Console

When it comes khổng lồ checking your Google từ khoá rankings, Google Search Console is an excellent option.

Developed & managed by Google, Google Search Console provides your business with a massive amount of information. Whether you’re curious about which từ khóa drive clicks or impressions or what nội dung types perkhung well, lượt thích đoạn phim or text, you can find it in Google Search Console.


If you want to find your từ khoá rankings for Google with Google Search Console, follow these steps:

Enter your từ khóa và hit “Enter” or cliông chồng the tìm kiếm buttonView the tìm kiếm results and “Search performance for this query” box

While an intensive manual process, especially if you’re tracking dozens of keywords, Google Search Console offers a không lấy phí way lớn find your search ranking. Plus, it compiles several pieces of valuable data in one place.

For example, you can view the following information about a page:

ClicksImpressionsAverage position

You can also compare a page’s performance to lớn a previous period, whether you look at data from the past seven, 28, or 90 days. The best part is that all this data comes directly from Google, which provides you with the most accurate information.

Even better, this free Google từ khóa position checker offers actionable tips for improving rankings.

Price: Free

2. AccuRanker

If you’re looking for a bare-minimum approach to finding your Google keyword ranking, use AccuRanker.

This không tính phí tool provides you with a previews of tìm kiếm engine result pages (SERPs) on Google. You can tailor the results khổng lồ your country and location. If you want, you can even see what the results look lượt thích on desktop or Mobile devices.

Use AccuRanker to lớn find your tìm kiếm ranking by following these steps:

Enter your targeted keywordsSelect your countryChoose your location, if desiredPiông xã your device, if desiredCliông xã “Search Now!”


Keep in mind that you can only view the first page of search results with SERP.. Checker. AccuRanker also limits users khổng lồ five sầu searches per day. If you have sầu dozens of từ khóa, this Google keywords ranking tool may not work well for your business.

You can, however, invest in the company’s paid tool for monitoring your tìm kiếm engine rank or position.

Price: Free

3. AuthorityLabs

AuthorityLabs can help your business track rankings for specific keywords. For many companies, it’s an easier way lớn find your search ranking, especially when compared to lớn other Google position check tools, like Google Search Console.

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If you want lớn look-up your Google từ khóa ranking in AuthorityLabs, follow these steps:

Add or select your tên miền or websiteSelect one of the following options:Overview: See a summary of your keyword rankingsRankings: View rankings for specific keywords & tìm kiếm enginesNow Provided: To check rankings for individual pagesAdd Keywords: Upload keyword one-by-one or bulk

In most cases, your business will probably view the “Rankings” & “Now Provided” reports. The perk of AuthorityLabs, however, is that your company can look at your tìm kiếm engine rank or position data from a range of views.


You can focus on your website’s overall performance, for example, or individual pages.

Price: $49 to lớn $450 per month

4. SEMrush

When you want khổng lồ vị more than find your search ranking, use SEMrush.

This paid Google từ khoá ranking tool offers your business several additional features. You can check your Google position, plus research từ khoá, analyze backlink, monitor algorithm updates, & more. SEMrush goes beyond SEO, too, offering toolkits for paid advertising, social media, and more.

You can get started with SEMrush & its từ khóa position checker for Google with these steps:

Select “SEO Toolkit”Choose “Position Tracking”

The following report will provide your team with several critical pieces of information, including:

Your top competitors in tìm kiếm resultsYour top keywordsYour overall visibility in search resultsYour estimated trafficYour average position in search resultsYour top từ khoá, ranging from three to 100Your landing pages

While you have a significant amount of information, SEMrush makes it easy khổng lồ digest it. You can access all the information at once, via the main dashboard. Or, you can clichồng different tabs to lớn view each data point one-by-one.


Of course, you can export all this data to lớn tóm tắt và break down for teammates & company leaders.

Compared to lớn other Google keyword ranking tools, like AuthorityLabs, SEMrush does feature a higher price tag. It’s one of the best Google rank checker options, though, because of its expansive features and capabilities.

Price: $99.95 khổng lồ $399.95 per month

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs, a powerhouse SEO tool, provides a fast và accurate way to lớn find your search rankings.

While Ahrefs isn’t a free option for checking your position on Google, it is an effective sầu one. That’s because the platsize offers a suite of useful tools for checking your SEO. Whether you want to lớn audit your trang web, discover new từ khóa, or target competitor link, you can do it with Ahrefs.

You can use Ahrefs as a Google keyword position checker with the following steps:

Clichồng “Rank tracker”Select “+ Add new” lớn add your websiteChoose your website from the “Rank tracker” menuClick “Add keywords”

That’s it! Once you add your keywords, you can start monitoring their (& your website’s) performance.

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With this Google từ khóa ranking tool, you can also export all your data to lớn a .csv tệp tin. This tệp tin format makes it easy to lớn upload your data to lớn Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, and other helpful tools for tracking & assessing your SEO performance.