Free facebook cover photo maker with facebook banner templates


Create awesome visuals for your Facebook business page within minutes. Use our không tính phí banner maker and build your own custom banner ads, or start from one of our templates. Design Facebook covers, posts, banner ads & much more with our không lấy phí online editor.

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Decide on the Facebook banner type

Think about what type of banner you need lớn thiết kế. Is it a Facebook cover, ad, story or post?

Choose the right Facebook banner size

Once you know what type of banner you want to lớn create, simply type Facebook in the "Start creating" tab & select the right Facebook banner size from the list that pops up. If you want a form size that looks good across multiple placements, go for the Facebook Square Post kích cỡ (1200 x 1200 px) that has an aspect ratio of 1:1.

Choose the layout

Pichồng from one of our eye-catching templates, or start from scratch. You can choose a background for your banner from countless stock photos or videos available on the platkhung. If you already have sầu a visual you wish to upload, simply drag & drop it onto the canvas.

Personalize your design

Upload visual assets, such as images, fonts, or shapes, write the text, & adjust them in our easy-to-use Facebook banner creator. You can also use the elements available in the platform’s library. Mix the shapes, icons, arrows, or any other elements with the right colors and an irresistible copy.

Add movement khổng lồ your banner

Animated banners attract more attention, & with our editor, you can easily turn a static banner into lớn an animated one in a single cliông xã. Take control over all the layers and build animations from scratch. You can also use predefined animations and transitions from the editor.

PĐánh Giá, tải về và share

Use the contextual pĐánh Giá option to see how your banner will look lượt thích when uploaded on the platsize. Once you’re happy with the final result, download it in the format you need: JPG or PNG for static designs, GIF or MP4 for animated or video clip banners. Then, giới thiệu your Facebook banner online và dazzle your audience.

Free online Facebook banners - covers, posts, ads, and more

With over 4,000 social truyền thông layouts available, you have lots of banner templates to lớn choose from. Piông xã the kiến thiết that"s right for you, adjust it lớn your liking and you’re good to lớn go.

Choose from hundreds of professionally designed layouts

Your Facebook page has never looked so fresh và original. Create Facebook banners, covers, posts and stories, that turn inkhổng lồ likes & shares.

Facebook covers

Use as your very own Facebook cover maker và create a great looking timeline cover. Start from one of our many cover templates.

Facebook image banners

Create image banners for your campaigns using our banner creator, grab the attention of your target audience and increase your conversions.

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Facebook đoạn phim banners

Boost views and engage with audiences using Clip ads. Add text to lớn video clip và cool effects khổng lồ establish a long term impact within communities.

Make your images come to life with animations

St& out và switch from ordinary to lớn extraordinary. Earn more likes by using GIFs or MP4 files as your Facebook cover. Generate engagement by adding SVGs in your designs. Hassle-không tính tiền, of course!

6 reasons to use our free online ad tool

Keeping your page fresh and up to lớn date has never been so easy! Take advantage of all our features. Save sầu time và money while improving your performance. Yes! It is as easy as it sounds!

Limitless pholớn library

Make your images look outstanding with our professional stoông xã photos. You have up lớn a million options!

Go for neat typography

Don"t forget about your copy! We have the coolest fonts và some great typography presets, created just for you.

Endless customizations

Personalize your ad, cover or post with your own images, fonts & effects, & make your banners fit your own style.

Benefit from preset sizes

Once using our free Facebook banner maker, you don"t have khổng lồ worry about Facebook banner dimensions anymore. We"ve sầu got them all ready-made for you!

Save time

Improve sầu your efficiency and workflow by taking advantage of all features, premix layouts, ready-made sizes và more.

Stay on budget

Boost your social media income while staying on budget. Use our không lấy phí online tool and don"t waste more money on outsourcing.

Here"s what lớn keep in mind to lớn create a good banner: always take inkhổng lồ trương mục the placement of your banner kiến thiết, for different placements require different aspect ratios; use colors that complement each other; choose high-quality images that standout; keep text khổng lồ a minimum & use a legible font; &, add the biểu tượng logo in a visible area.

Different placements require different image aspect ratquả táo. There are three essential aspect ratgame ios to lớn keep in mind if you want lớn carry out a full chiến dịch. The 1:1 aspect ratio ( for Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed & Explore, Facebook Marketplace, Video Feeds và Messenger Inbox), the 1.91:1 aspect ratio (for Facebook Right Column, Search Results, Messenger Sponsored Messages and Instant Articles) & the 9:16 aspect ratio (for Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Messenger Stories, Audience Network Native sầu, Banner & Interstitial and Audience Network Rewarded Video).

If you want your banner lớn have a 1:1 aspect ratio, then you should select the Facebook Square Post size (1200 x 1200 px) on the platform. For the 1.91:1 aspect ratio, select the Facebook Sponsored Message kích thước (1200 x 628 px) & for the 9:16 aspect ratio, go for the Story size (1080 x 1920 px).

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Design Smashing Facebook Images and Boost Your Social Media Performance

There are many ways in which you can use our Facebook image banner maker. No matter if you are looking to lớn create page covers, Facebook posts, ad campaigns or stories, in you’ll find all the sizes you need, plus ready made templates và libraries of elements you can mix & match to your liking.