Ford Dealership Finds Qualified Auto Leads With Facebook Lead Ads


These days, you have sầu khổng lồ re-write the playbook lớn find leads from younger audiences. You also want lớn make sure you are aware of the lademo lead generation tips và tricks lớn stay ahead of the competition.

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To help you get the most chất lượng leads, here is a look at some of the best proven lead generation tactics that have been proven lớn increase unique leads và sales. These lead generation approaches will allow you to capture leads from just about everywhere your prospects spover time.


Here are đôi mươi lead generation ideas for car sales:

Each of these lead generation tips and tricks are already being used in dealerships across the country. Be sure to lớn have a diversified spread of approaches to see what works best for your dealership.

1. Offer valuable content for contact information

Get contact information in the khung of an email or phone number in order to further market to lớn your lead. Using the “Freemium” strategy of offering valuable content for tương tác information is a proven strategy. Make sure that the nội dung being offered is high chất lượng, well-written & useful for the target audience.

One of the more successful lead magnets are “how-to” eBooks. Here are some eBook examples that you can use:

What lớn pack for a chiến dịch tripTop aftermarket accessories for your SUVHow khổng lồ winterize your vehicle

2. Hire a professional copywriter

While many dealership managers và sales associates will write copy for ads và sales letters, many top performing dealerships rely on professional copywriters lớn give their copy an edge. Copywriters, with experience in dealership sale, know all the sales tips và tricks that can get prospects to take action.


3. Ensure that the dealership trang web is Mobile friendly

Younger buyers are more likely khổng lồ visit your dealership trang web via a điện thoại device. Therefore, you will want to make sure that the website is Mobile friendly. Here are some tips lớn make your device Smartphone friendly:

Use short paragraphs.Avoid putting too much small type on the page.Make sure the site is fully responsive sầu lớn a di động browser.

4. Sponsor local organizations & cross-promote with other businesses

Keep your business out in front of the local community. One of the most effective ways to keep your dealership name visible is khổng lồ sponsor local professional, college, high school và amateur sports teams. You can also sponsor charity runs, festivals, và other activities.

Finally, look at cross promoting with other local businesses. One example is lớn offer a không tính tiền gift thẻ at a local restaurant in return for a kiểm tra drive sầu. You can advertise the offer at the local restaurant.

5. Re-establish tương tác with lost prospects

For every sale, there are several prospects who visit the dealership, take a chạy thử drive sầu and don’t make a purchase. If you re-engage with these lost prospects, you can turn some of these leads inlớn sales. Use an enticing offer to heat up the lead. If the prospect is not interested, then ask hlặng for the name and liên hệ information of someone who may be interested in a vehicle.


6. Make Use of SEO optimized blog posts

People who are interested in a vehicle tkết thúc khổng lồ do lots of online retìm kiếm. To make your website more discoverable, create SEO optimized blog posts are likely to show up first in tìm kiếm engine results.

Here are some tips khổng lồ create the ultimate dealership SEO optimized blog:

Use your thành phố name in the headline and/or copy.Create advice & how-to lớn articles.Include a hotline lớn action at the kết thúc of the article.Make sure that the primary keyword appears in the headline, first paragraph and throughout the copy.

Also, you will want to lớn answer commonly answered questions by people searching for vehicle purchases & leases. Some of the most commonly searched for questions include the following:

How vì chưng I bring customers to lớn a car dealership?How vì chưng I get more leads for oto sales?

The article that you are reading right now is an example of an SEO optimized article. Notice that the main keyword phrase, “lead generation tips and tricks” can be found on the headline, in the intro paragraph & in several places throughout the article. This allows the article to lớn be easily discoverable for sales people looking for tips on lead generation.

7. Always use the “big three” components in any marketing communications

No matter what type of lead generation strategy you use, make sure that they have sầu the three core components of any marketing communication:

A valuable offer – This includes the price, incentives, services & other extras that makes the offer too good to lớn pass up.Putting that offer in front of the right people – You want to make sure you are targeting the right audience to lớn get the best conversion rate.Give sầu them a reason khổng lồ act – You don’t want your lead khổng lồ “think things over.” Give sầu the lead a reason khổng lồ act today in the form of scarđô thị.


Here’s an example of a campaign that uses marketing basics:

Every holiday season, Lexus offers the “December lớn Remember” chiến dịch that has run for over two decades. This chiến dịch targets affluent customers khổng lồ offer Lexus vehicles as Christmas gifts. This chiến dịch has helped Lexus become one of the top selling luxury brands in the fourth quarter of every year since the campaign’s inception.

You can take inspiration from this national car chiến dịch & apply it to your dealership. For instance, you can create a campaign khổng lồ market a vehicle purchase or lease as a holiday gift like Lexus’ successful “December lớn Remember” chiến dịch.

8. Create high production walk through videos

When a prospect is interested in a vehicle, they will want lớn know everything about it. That’s why you should create a full “walk through” đoạn Clip of each Model of new vehicle or featured used vehicle.

Select a sales associate – or hire a Mã Sản Phẩm – who is charismatic in front of a camera khổng lồ present a complete walk-through vehicle. The video should contain the following information:

Overview – Present the vehicle, the dealership, & the quality selling point that the vehicle has to offer.Exterior – Go over the main exterior features and discuss the thiết kế of the vehicle.Interior – This part of the video looks at the interior features, appointments and style.Performance – This section of the đoạn phim discusses the engine, braking & performance. Driving footage can also be used in this part of the đoạn phim.Safety – Discuss the standard and available safety features.hotline khổng lồ action – This part of the đoạn Clip should include an offer & a gọi to action to take a test drive sầu or learn more about the vehicle.

As an example, Scott Smith of Rusnak BMW in Los Angeles uses attractive sầu models as presenters in his BMW nhận xét. His videos on Youtube and Facebook get anywhere from 50,000 to lớn over 250,000 views. Here are some examples of his recent car review. Notice that these videos follow a similar structure và include an informative voice over from Scott Smith himself:

20đôi mươi BMW X5 review:

2020 BMW M2 competition review:

2018 BMW X2 review:

9. Have sầu every sales person conduct several sales calls per day

High performing dealerships don’t wait around for the leads lớn come to lớn them. Each thành viên of your sales team should make at least ten sales calls per day. They can base these calls on leads generated from the dealership website. Making at least ten sales calls, from each member of the sales team, can lead lớn thousands of dollars in increased sales.

10. Run a pay-per-cliông chồng (PPC) campaign

PPC campaigns are one of the most effective sầu ways to generate leads. That’s because the ad platforms on Google, Facebook and Twitter allow you lớn geo-target and “interest target” your audience.

To get the best results, hire someone who has experience with PPC campaigns. These PPC specialists can split demo your ad chiến dịch, get the right targeting, và lower your overall cost per lead.

Here is a look at a protệp tin of that you can run on Facebook if you run a Honda dealership in Houston & are trying to lớn sell new CR-V SUVs:

WomenLives in HoustonAge 25-54MomsLikes Honda pageIncome $40,000 lớn $100,000

11. Create a robust referral program

Referrals are one of the most cost-effective ways khổng lồ get valuable leads is to lớn have sầu a top referral program. Make sure that your customers are happy with your service & give them a top incentive sầu to refer your dealership to lớn their friends, business associates, & family members.

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Here are some of the top referral rewards that you can offer:

Dealership store creditGift cardsAftermarket vehicle accessoriesDinner at a fine restaurant

12. Stay organized with a dealership focused CRM tool

You can make it easy for your dealership team to traông xã their ability khổng lồ follow up on their leads and track their workflows with a CRM tool. Create a sales funnel to lớn help you manage every stage of the customer interaction. These CRM interfaces provide the ikhuyến mãi way for managers lớn assign, connect, & follow-up with each dealership lead. The result is that a dealership can experience better conversion rates at a lower sale price.

13. Double down on the best third-buổi tiệc ngọt site for your inventory

Dealerships will often put its inventory on every third-buổi tiệc nhỏ site including,, Edmunds, & others. However, you don’t want to spread your time and money too thin by listing on every third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ site. Find out which third party trang web gives you the most leads và double down on that site.

Once the best third tiệc nhỏ site has been determined, the dealership should invest in high-quality photography, video clip and descriptions khổng lồ make its listings stvà out from the crowd.

14. Use direct mail marketing with a svào offer

Direct mail, with strong offers, is still one of the most effective ways to get cost-effective sầu leads to lớn the dealership. Direct mail campaigns can consist of everything from letters to lớn brochures & leaflets.

Here are the three things that all direct mail pieces should offer in order lớn get more leads:

Attractive photos of the vehicleWell-written copyA strong offer

Here are some examples of direct mail pieces that you can send out:

Holiday salesNew vehicle introductionsEnd of year salesSummer và winter salesIncentive focused direct mailers (ex, rebates, big trade-in value, service center discounts).

15. Make it easy for customers to giới thiệu your message on social media

Looking to get không tính tiền exposure & no-cost leads? You can literally double and triple your leads – for không lấy phí – by adding chia sẻ buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & other platforms on follow-up emails.

You should also include share buttons on all photos, videos, và other content that you place on your trang web and social truyền thông posts.

16. Take high chất lượng photos

High chất lượng photos of dealership vehicles make a big difference when it comes to lớn lead generation. Here are some tips that will allow you khổng lồ take better photos and get more leads:

Use the right angle – Some vehicles look better from the front while others offer the most visual appeal from the three-quarter rear angle. Discover which angle is best for the anh hùng shot.Lighting – Make sure that the lighting is ikhuyến mãi khổng lồ capture the best lines on the vehicle. Also avoid beginner photography mistakes lượt thích overexposure or placing a light source in front of the camera.Backdrop – Use a backdrop that will add drama to the vehicle. For instance, you can use a clean background for an interior shot of a skyline backdrop for your luxury vehicles.Color balance – Make sure all the colors are adjusted to lớn create the most visually appealing image.

To see an example of excellent dealership photography, take a look at the inventory photos from O’Gara Coach Beverly Hills. Notice the angle of the nhân vật shot, the lighting & the background of each photo.

17. Work actively lớn get more Facebook followers

Facebook is the most important social media platsize for oto dealerships. Therefore, it is important to lớn build a big following on that social network. You can grow your Facebook followers with these proven tactics:

Post often – Try lớn post at least once a day. Several times a day is ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá.Use video clip – Video had the ability khổng lồ stop people from scrolling and spend time on your ad or post.Ask questions và offer polls – Asking questions & offering poll questions can increase interaction & allow you lớn get some quiông chồng market research. For instance, you can ask the audience which vehicles they are likely lớn buy, when they are willing to buy, & what type of incentives that want in an offer.

Here are some examples of Facebook posts that gets lots of attention & interaction:

Ask a question: These types of posts get lots of interaction on a Facebook post. Example: Show a photo of an off road vehicle & ask, “Where would you take your road trip in the new Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro?”Take a poll: A poll gets more interaction và gives you free market research. For example: Which one of these vehicles are you more likely lớn lease? The options can include your three or four of your dealership’s most popular vehicles.Driving footage: Video gets lots of attention on Facebook. Driving footage can be exciting to lớn watch with copy on the screen. For example, you can show driving footage of a sport oto with the copy. “You only live sầu once. Why not make the most of it? Test drive the BMW M240i at Rusnak BMW. Contact us today.”

18. Show up in local Google searches with Google places

Google is the first place most people go lớn when searching for information on local dealerships. Therefore, you will want to lớn get listed on Google Places in order to show up in more local search queries.

19. Get Referrals from LinkedIn

LinkedIn members have the highest average income of any major social network. If you offer luxury vehicles, then being a part of LinkedIn is a must.

Request to be added lớn a LinkedIn member’s network. From there, offer valuable nội dung in return for customer referrals.

Here is an example of an offer that you can provide in return for referral contacts: “The headline should be simple such as “Introducing Myself.”

The copy should be brief. Here is an example:

Hello Mr. Smith, I am John Parks of Mercedes-Benz of Dallas. Do you know someone in the market for a new luxury vehicle? We would like to lớn invite your business tương tác, friend or family member lớn take a test drive sầu today of our popular Mercedes luxury vehicles.

In return, we can offer you dinner for two at Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse – or cash bonus – for every lease or purchase that you refer lớn us. You can respond to lớn this gmail or contact me at (phone number) at your convenience.

Thank you in advance,

John Parks, Senior Sales Associate, Mercedes-Benz of Dallas.

20. Make it easy khổng lồ collect leads on every page of a dealership website

Place liên hệ information on the header or footer – The header should have the dealership phone number in large type. Also include the dealership’s physical address and email address.Use a chat bot – Chat bots allow the trang web visitor to engage in a conversation & ask questions khổng lồ an automated program that will request contact information and generate leads.Offer lead magnets – You can offer ebooks & how-khổng lồ PDFs in return for a website visitor’s e-mail address.Put a tương tác fill-out form on every listing – Every listing should have a contact size for trang web visitors khổng lồ request a kiểm tra drive sầu, reserve a vehicle or simply get more information from a sales associate.

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Here are three dealership websites that have done an excellent job of putting lots of lead collection opportunities throughout their site:

Creating a playbook for getting more dealership leads

The best way lớn get more leads lớn a dealership is to integrate as many of these lead generation tips & tricks. Work lớn add as many of these proven methods khổng lồ your dealership kinh doanh plan và you’ll find some incredible, increasing results over time.