Alytic alternatives & competitors

Alytic initiated its growth strategy by acquiring Kontali, a leading knowledge-based consultancy and data provider for the Norwegian fish farming industry, in October 2020.

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ARENDAL: Alytic, a portfolio company of Arendals Fossekompani ASA (AFK), has acquired Utel Systems as part of the strategy khổng lồ transform data-driven companies with chất lượng domain name expertise inkhổng lồ scalable Software-as-a-Service companies with international potential, a news release said.

“The acquisition of Utel Systems fits perfectly with our growth strategy to transsize data-driven companies lớn international Software-as-a-Service champions. Utel Systems is a leading provider of services for network monitoring & analysis, with svào domain expertise, và a solid platform for hàng hóa expansion and international scalability,” says Espen Zachariassen, Chief Executive sầu Officer of Alytic.

Arendals Fossekompani portfolio company Alytic has entered into an agreement to acquire 97.5 per cent of Utel Systems. Utel Systems is a provider of services for telecom network monitoring và analysis, in addition khổng lồ protocol analysis and simulation services.

Utel Systems serves telecom carriers, fixed & mobile network operators, service providers, wholesale suppliers, intelligence services, police security services, the military & authorities.

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Arendals Fossekompani acquires Kontali Analyse, establishes Alytic

“Utel Systems is a well-run company with dedicated professionals, who have built a leading position over two decades. The company is well positioned to lớn accelerate the international expansion strategy leveraging on the leading product offering and tier-1 customer base. Alytic và Arendals Fossekompani have sầu a proven track-record of developing data-driven companies through a Software-as-a-Service business Mã Sản Phẩm that facilitates fast global growth. This is what we did with Volue. Utel Systems represent another high-potential company that fits perfectly lớn our portfolio”, Zachariassen adds.

Alytic initiated its growth strategy by acquiring Kontali, a leading knowledge-based consultancy và data provider for the Norwegian fish farming industry, in October 20đôi mươi. The target is lớn acquire three to four companies per year going forward.

“We are excited to lớn be part of the Arendals Fossekompani family, and supported by Alytic, Utel Systems will accelerate our growth strategy lớn leverage on our svào tên miền expertise, hàng hóa platkhung and position within the telecom network industry. We have sầu identified a number of international expansion opportunities và look forward to lớn the next phase of the Utel Systems journey,” says Frode Gorseth, CEO of Utel Systems.

Alytic invests in data-driven companies with a clear potential for scaling up the business through digital transformation. Investments will typically be in companies with chất lượng domain name knowledge & expertise, và with a clear pathway for growth. Alytic offers resource with the right know-how và skillset for developing a roadmaps for digital transformation, scale and recurring revenues.

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The investment team includes executives with extensive sầu experience from digital transformation và development of new business models. Alytic powers the digital transformation required to enhance product offerings, khổng lồ reach new markets, & to lớn ensure recurring revenues from a profitable customer base.

Alytic is fully owned by Arendals Fossekompani, a green-tech investment company with a substantial financial capađô thị và decades of successful value creation.

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