Rui paradise island


One of the best vacations ever. Hotel was world class and spotless. Great COVID 19 cleaning & checks in place. Food was great. Staff were very pleasant and aczerovn.netmodating. Beach was great for swimming và pools were fantastic.

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Residence Inn

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Official Hotel
All Reviews cappuccino bar krystal restaurant musty smell hour lounge wrap around balcony specialty restaurants steak ocean view swim up bar quiet pool beautiful resort activity pool coco bongo breakfast & lunch nightly entertainment girls trip main pool
I’m just returning from over 2 weeks at the resort & it’s the best place I’ve sầu visited,the khách sạn was beautiful and clean,the staff was fantastic,the entertainment team was absolutely fantastic,especially Francesca,janella & pappy shampoo,there was one special lady who worked really hard lớn please everyone was called Madeline,she is a great credit to lớn the hotel,I would highly rezerovn.netmkết thúc this resort and I’ll definitely be baông xã.

Riu Hotels and Resorts, Owner at Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas, responded lớn this reviewResponded 31 August 2020

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Dear Guest,Thank you so much for your zerovn.netments regarding your recent visit to the khách sạn.It was a pleasure lớn host you và fills me with great pride khổng lồ see that the team really delivered on great service to lớn you on your stay. Certainly, your zerovn.netpliments will be shared with the mentioned members of our staff.We look forward khổng lồ welzerovn.neting you baông xã lớn the hotel very soon.Warm regards,Hotel Riu Palace Las AmericasOnline Reputation Manager

I was very skeptical booking this trip due khổng lồ the current uncertain times và did my fair share of retìm kiếm on hotels and their COVID-19 protocols. Reviews regarding cleanliness: Since the moment you walk-in it was lượt thích you were going through a human Car wash :) They sanitize your luggage, shoes, take your temperature và make sure you sanitize your hands. They explain about the tiện ích in which you see all the activities & evening dinner menus (which is also A+ for being environmentally friendly) và you are required to wear a mask all the time (with the exception of being at the pool và when eating). Staff were great at turning people away & not taking their orders if they walked up to lớn the bar without a mask). Everytime you go eat - they make you wash your hands & take your temperature. nhận xét regarding hotel: I have been khổng lồ Cancun about 10 times - yet this was my first time at Riu Palace Las Americas và I think I have found my go to hotel! The food was great! Yes, there were some limited options và not all the restaurants were open everyday - but the hotel is only allowed (I believe) 30% occupancy - so when a business needs to work with aprox. 1/4 of the revenue they typically expect - limitations are expected - yet I think they still manage lớn vày a great job! We got Santiago for 2 different dinner services và all his food rezerovn.netmendations were amazing! All staff where amazing và went above & beyond! The entertainment crew were fabulous & really what made my trip! Marteo, was amazing and managed to lớn get me to lớn work out during vacation (which is nearly impossible). Those abs were not bad lớn look at either. Christian was such a sweetheart as well and always trying khổng lồ engage with us. The pool bartenders (Bless them!) they were so hard working và always on it. Shout out lớn Adrian who kept my drinks zerovn.neting! :) Overall - I would go bachồng khổng lồ this property in heartbeat!

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